Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

What Can You Do With Real-Time Live Captioning Services?

by Connie Hanson

Captions provide written text for spoken dialogue, allowing people to read along with the audio. Many captions are added after the fact, but real-time live captioning services can add accurate captions to videos and live performances as they premiere. Real-time live captions can benefit schools, universities, entertainment groups, and businesses. These are some things you can do with real-time live captioning services:

1. Create live captions for lectures, videos, dramatic productions, and more.

There's no end to the types of media that can benefit from real-time live captions. Educational material, such as lectures and training videos, can be improved through the addition of live captions. Live captions even have a place in the entertainment industry. Musicals, stage plays, and other productions can be captioned via projector screens or handheld devices. Captions can enhance your audience's comprehension and enjoyment of informational and entertaining media.

2. Make your media more accessible to all.

Accessibility is an important cornerstone of equality. When things are accessible to all people, everyone has the opportunity to participate in society. You can make your conferences, classes, and associated media more accessible by taking advantage of real-time live captioning services. Captions allow people who are deaf and hard of hearing to follow along with what's being said. Captions can also help people with auditory processing disorders that prevent them from easily comprehending auditory media.

3. Take advantage of real-time live captioning services once or on an ongoing basis.

You can take advantage of real-time live captioning services as often as necessary. If you plan to host a single event, you can hire a captioning service to provide live captions once. However, if you plan to make live captions a regular part of your organization, you may be able to take advantage of subscription services to lessen your costs.

4. Take advantage of machine-generated or human-inputted live captions.

Finally, real-time live captioning services are versatile. You can choose the type of captioning service that best suits your needs. Machine-generated live captions take advantage of artificial intelligence to automatically generate captions. The accuracy of modern machine-generated captions can be quite good, and this type of captioning service is typically more affordable.

However, if you need the highest level of accuracy possible for technical or sensitive media, you can take advantage of live captions generated by humans in real-time. These captions are created quickly using voice software or a keyboard similar to those used by stenographers. They allow your audience to view live captions with minimal lag while minimizing mistakes common to AI captions. 

For more information, contact a company that offers real-time captioning services. 


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