Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Six Residential Chain Link Fence Installation Mistakes To Avoid For Maximum Strength

by Connie Hanson

Strength is one of the most important characteristics of a residential chain-link fence. It's important to install a residential chain-link fence properly so that it is strong enough to be effective. 

The following are six residential chain-link fence installation mistakes to avoid for maximum strength. 

Failing to use concrete at the posts

For the ultimate stability, it's important to provide anchorage at the posts of a chain-link fence installation through the use of concrete.

A chain-link fence that is not anchored in place at the posts with concrete will be far less stable than a fence for which concrete is used to anchor the posts during installation. 

Using chain link material without adequate thickness

There are many chain-link fencing products on the market. However, not all of them are created equal. Some chain-link fencing materials are excessively thin and flimsy so that they will not provide adequate strength.

It's important to invest in fencing with adequate thickness to achieve high strength and stability in a residential chain-link fence. 

Neglecting to coat chain link used for a fence installation

A chain-link fence can quickly become weakened over time due to exposure to weather conditions if it is not coated.

Chain-link fencing that is composed of a treated combination of aluminum and iron is less likely to experience damage from exposure to precipitation and other atmospheric hazards. Water-resistant coatings extend the life of chain-link fencing while also improving fencing stability. 

Installing a residential chain link fence in a place where vines can grow around it

Chain-link fencing can become weakened over time by pressure from vegetation such as vines. Avoid installing chain-link fencing in an area where vines will grow around it.

It's also important to inspect the area regularly and perform landscaping work to make sure that pressure from growing vegetation doesn't weaken the structural integrity of the fencing. 

Failing to install mesh underneath the fence

If a chain-link fence is installed to keep animals out of a particular area, it's important to install mesh under the ground beneath the fence. Otherwise, animals might easily be able to dig underneath the fence and get to the other side. 

Doing a DIY fence installation

For the strongest fence, it's important to opt for professional installation rather than DIY installation. Professional residential chain link fencing companies have the equipment and expertise to maximize the fence's stability. 

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