Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

What To Do If You Do Not Have Municipal Trash Service In Your Area

by Connie Hanson

Most large cities and towns offer trash removal services to benefit residents who live in the area, but some places do not have these services in place. There are several reasons this might be the case, and you may need to contract a trash removal service privately to handle your trash each week. 

Private Trash Removal Services

If you live in an area that does not have trash removal provided, finding a private service that can take care of your trash is essential. Some towns may have a landfill or transfer station you can use to dump your trash, but that requires loading your car up with the trash each week and taking it to the drop-off point. 

Hiring a private trash removal contractor is often a better solution, and there are many areas that have several to choose from. The trash removal service may provide the cans to put your trash in, and they may also offer recycling. 

If you have a lot of trash, you may need a second can, and often the trash service will provide one, but there may be an additional fee for the extra can to cover the cost of the trash removal. Check with the providers in your area to get a full breakdown of the costs and services they provide so you can compare them and choose the service that best fits your needs.

Cost Of Trash Removal Services

When you are looking for a private trash removal service to pick up your garbage each week, you may find that the prices from one to another vary a lot. The cost differences are often related to the services they provide, so working with a company that only dumps your single trash can each week is typically less expensive than the company that picks up several cans of garbage and runs a truck weekly for recycling services. 

It is essential to consider all the services each company offers when considering the prices because some services that charge more offer extra things like yard waste collection or yearly clean-up days when you can dispose of bulk items without additional charges. 

The base price can be affected by your location as well. If there are only a couple of customers in the area, the trash removal service may charge a service fee to come out to the area, especially if it is a long way from the main customer base that they service. You may want to ask your neighbors which service they use, because if a large portion of the neighborhood is being serviced by one company, the cost may be lower than other services.


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