Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Looking For A Nursing School Program? Tips For Choosing The Right One

by Connie Hanson

If you've decided that a career in nursing is right for you, you've probably started looking at nursing program options around you to get your degree. One of the things that you'll find is that there are far more nursing programs out there than you might have thought. Before you settle on the first one you find or opt for the one that's closest to your home, there are some things that you should think about. Here's a look at some of the things you should consider as you choose your nursing school program.

What's Your Timeline?

Are you already a college graduate who's looking for a career change, or are you a high school student approaching graduation who has already decided to pursue your nursing degree? This can make a big difference in the type of nursing program you choose. 

After all, if you have already completed some college coursework, you might be eligible for an accelerated nursing program, which might allow you to finish your degree in less than two years. However, most traditional nursing programs are four-year degree programs if you don't have transfer credits, so consider your timeline before you narrow down your program choices.

Is The Program Accredited?

Few things can be as devastating as finishing a nursing program only to find out that your degree isn't respected or recognized in the professional field because the school you went to wasn't properly accredited. If you want to be sure that you're getting a quality nursing education and a degree that will matter in your career, look for a school that's CCNE or AACN accredited.

What Is The Licensing Exam Pass Rate?

Another important factor when you're choosing your nursing program is the pass rate for students taking the licensing exam. You must pass the licensing exam to become a licensed registered nurse, so you should look for a nursing program with a higher pass rate for first-time licensing exam takers. This gives you the confidence that the program is preparing you well for the upcoming licensing tests.

Are There Clinical Opportunities?

Every nursing program is going to require a certain number of hours of clinical study. Most have certain clinical opportunities that are reserved for nursing students. Take some time to research the clinical opportunities for any nursing program that you're considering. Remember that you'll have to work in one of those placements, so make sure that you choose a program with clinical opportunities that fit your goals and preferences.

These are some of the things that you should understand about choosing a nursing program. Check out some of the nursing schools near you today for more information.


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