Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

3 Everyday Reasons To Consider Hiring A Private Investigator

by Connie Hanson

In thriller novels and television crime dramas, private investigation services are often used to uncover a sinister plot and save the day. While private investigators can be helpful in bringing hardened criminals to justice, they can also be very helpful in less dramatic but equally important roles for ordinary businesses and private citizens.

Conducting background investigations

Whether large or small, every business seeks to make staffing decisions that will be beneficial to the company. But the information provided by prospective applicants during the interview process can be incomplete or untruthful. 

Contracting the services of a private investigator to perform background checks as a routine part of the hiring process can help verify the information provided by each applicant under consideration. Adding background investigations to the hiring process for the purposes of risk management is especially important for any business that handles financial transactions, health information, or personal information for their clients or customers. 

Locating a missing person

There are many situations in which it will be necessary to locate an adult with whom you have lost touch. Law enforcement agencies are typically unable to assist in this type of search unless there is reason to believe that a crime has been committed or the missing adult is in danger. 

A few examples of situations in which private citizens may need or want to locate an individual they have lost touch with include: 

  • when the missing adult's signature or consent is needed in a real estate or business transaction
  • when the missing adult has been named as a beneficiary in a will or insurance policy
  • when the missing adult's presence has been requested by a seriously ill relative or friend

Private investigators can use a variety of tools and strategies to locate missing adults, including searching private databases that may not be available to the general public. 

Preventing fraud and theft

Businesses that are experiencing problems with fraud, petty theft, embezzlement, vandalism, or staff behavior issues may seek the services of a private investigator. In this type of situation, the private investigator will often utilize video and audio surveillance technology to monitor business premises and employee activities to help detect current problems and develop strategies for the prevention of future ones. 

Private investigators can help both private citizens and business owners find the information they need to solve problems and deal with difficult situations. To learn more about how this type of service can be a benefit to you or your business, take time to discuss your situation with a private investigation firm in your area. 


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