Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

3 Reasons To Consider Sealing Your Brick Paver Patio When It Needs A Fresh Look

by Connie Hanson

If you're planning to have your brick paver patio power washed to restore its appearance, you may want to have the pavers sealed, too. Sealing helps the pavers stay clean and attractive for longer, and that could be important for a patio if you do a lot of entertaining and want the pavers to look nice. Here are three reasons to have your pavers sealed.

Sealing Keeps Dirt And Stains Off The Pavers 

Brick paver sealing starts with thoroughly cleaning your patio to get rid of dirt and stains. It's important to get stains out first or they may show through the sealer. If you've ever tried to get stains out of brick pavers, you may know how hard it is.

You can avoid this problem in the future once the pavers are sealed since liquids and dirt won't be able to get in the pores of the bricks any longer. Sealing makes it easier to keep your pavers clean so your patio looks like new for much longer.

Sealing Hardens The Sand Between The Pavers

The sand between the pavers keeps the bricks spaced properly and maintains the structure of your patio. However, the sand can wear away with time, and that might cause the bricks to shift slightly. When the patio is sealed, the sealer covers the bricks and sand, too. When the sand is sealed, it turns hard so it is less likely to blow away or get dislodged.

Another advantage of sealing the sand is it keeps weeds from growing between the pavers. If you're tired of having to kill weeds or dig them out, then you'll appreciate how sealing will control the weeds and will save you from dislodging sand.

Sealing Makes Brick Pavers Attractive

If your patio is old, the bricks may look faded and worn. Sealing can freshen their appearance by making the colors look darker or by giving them a wet look even though they are dry. There are different types of sealers, and the contractor can explain them to you so you get the effect you want. Pavers that have the wet look might be an attractive choice for a patio where you entertain frequently.

Brick paver sealing is worth considering for its many benefits. Your patio will stay cleaner, be easier to care for, and look more attractive. The work can often be done in a day, and then you can enjoy your beautiful patio for years to come. When the sealer wears away, you can have it applied again to keep your patio beautiful throughout its life. Contact a paver sealing company for more information. 


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