Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Six Reasons To Have Handicap Accessibility Ramps Installed At Your Business Facility

by Connie Hanson

As a business owner, you might not be aware of all the different benefits of having handicap accessibility ramps installed around your business facility. These ramps don't just benefit handicapped individuals. They can benefit business owners, employees, and other customers as well. 

The following are six reasons to have handicap accessibility ramps installed at your business facility. 

Handicap accessibility ramps keep your facility safe.

Handicap accessibility ramps make your facility safer in general. They provide another pathway to your building entrances and therefore can reduce traffic around your entryways. These ramps prevent accidents not only for handicapped individuals but for everyone else around your facility too. 

Handicap accessibility ramps reduce the potential negative consequences of lawsuits against your company.

Having handicap accessibility ramps in place can prevent your company from getting sued. These ramps help to minimize the occurrence of accidents and injuries that can leave your company subject to lawsuits.

Also, making the effort to have these ramps installed allows you to cover your liabilities better and defend your company more effectively if you do end up facing a lawsuit. 

Handicap accessibility ramps are good for public relations.

Doing your part to keep your facility safe and to accommodate handicapped individuals gives your company a better reputation in your community. It shows that your company is responsible in doing its part to protect the public. 

Handicap accessibility ramps can increase business.

By making your facility more easily accessible, handicap accessibility ramps can make it so that more customers can come to you to do business. This can maximize your company's revenue and thereby increase your company's profits.

Handicap accessibility ramps make you ADA compliant.

It's important for business owners to understand the importance of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act is designed to provide equal access to goods and services to those with disabilities.

According to the ADA, businesses are supposed to offer a sloped pathway over any vertical distance that needs to be traveled to enter their place of business.

Handicap accessibility ramps might make certain tasks easier around your facility.

Ramps can make certain tasks easier for your employees. For example, ramps can make it easier to move certain materials into your building. 

If you need to move supplies or inventory using a dolly or pallet jack, it's going to be much easier if you have ramps in place leading to your facility entrances. Ramps can thereby increase employee efficiency and productivity.


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