Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using A Low-Toxicity Industrial Degreaser To Clean Your Equipment

by Connie Hanson

Industrial equipment like die cutters and milling machines accumulate grease buildup while they're in operation, so it's important for businesses to clean them routinely. Maintaining them increases their operational lifespan and helps to prevent breakdowns, which can halt operations.

Industrial degreasers are the tool of choice for cleaning the tough oil buildup on industrial equipment. Unfortunately, many of them contain large amounts of toxic solvents such as acetone. While these solvents are very effective at quickly eliminating oil residue, they can also bring harm to your employees.

Thankfully, many industrial degreaser manufacturers now offer low-toxicity formulas. Many are made with natural ingredients, and they're often just as effective as older degreasers at rapidly removing built-up residue. Read on to learn three reasons why your business should consider cleaning its equipment using a newer, low-toxicity industrial degreaser.

1. Reduces Your Liability for Injury

Using industrial degreasers with toxic ingredients can open your business up to liability. Workers who are exposed to harsh solvents may suffer from headaches or have difficulty breathing. While the workers cleaning your industrial equipment are most at-risk, other employees in your business can be exposed to chemical residue on the equipment or by chemicals floating in the air. If an employee falls sick as a result of being exposed to toxic chemicals, you may be held liable for failing to protect them properly.

Worse, some of these effects won't develop for quite some time after exposure. Trichloroethylene, for example, is a known carcinogen. It's an excellent solvent that's used in numerous cleaning products. If your employees are repeatedly exposed to carcinogenic chemicals and develop cancer as a result, they may decide to sue your business.

Overall, using low-toxicity industrial degreasers will provide the most protection to your employees. Your employees will be healthier and your liability for the potential injury will be reduced.

2. Allows Employees to Clean Equipment Faster Due to Reducing Protection Requirements

In order to protect themselves from the chemicals used in toxic industrial degreasers, employees need to wear personal protective equipment like full-face respirators. This is a vital part of any workplace safety regulations. However, donning and doffing personal protective equipment can take a considerable amount of time. This is especially true if someone has to verify that the employee is wearing the equipment properly and note it for your records.

Low-toxicity industrial degreasers require your employees to wear less personal protective equipment in order to be used safely, which means that your employees can prepare for cleaning more quickly. Your employees can focus more on cleaning rather than on ensuring that they're fully protected. As an added bonus, your business will also save money by reducing the cost of protective equipment.

3. Less Harmful to the Environment, Easing Regulatory Requirements

Industrial degreasers that contain toxic chemicals are almost always unsafe for the environment. Federal and local authorities regulate the use of these products in order to protect wildlife and the local water supply. Whenever you clean your industrial equipment with toxic chemicals, you'll need to take extra steps to ensure that the wastewater is disposed of according to these regulations.

Using a low-toxicity industrial degreaser can often allow you to eliminate these special handling requirements. In addition, it acts as a form of future-proofing your operations—chemicals with low toxicity are much less likely to receive additional regulations in the future.

If your business is still cleaning industrial equipment using toxic chemicals, you should strongly consider switching to a low-toxicity industrial degreaser. These products have the same amount of cleaning power as traditional degreasing agents, and their added expense is easily offset by reducing your liability and regulatory burden.


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