Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Reasons For Getting Tested For COVID-19

by Connie Hanson

COVID-19 is a scary reality that the world is now dealing with. This is one thing that everyone is finding themselves worrying about in one way or another, no matter who they are. One problem that people have been facing is that it has been so hard for many to get tested. When they did, it would take a long time for them to get the test results back. Luckily, there is now the ThermoGenesis COVID-19 test kit. This test can give results back in the same day. In fact, results will be ready in just minutes. Here are some examples of reasons why you may want to be tested, as well as other information on COVID-19 and the tests. 

You may be asymptomatic

A large number of people can be infected with COVID-19 and have no symptoms. When you are infected but don't have symptoms, this is referred to as being asymptomatic. Being asymptomatic is dangerous, because it means that you can be infecting a lot of people while thinking that you are healthy. This is why having the test done is a good idea in some cases, even if no symptoms are present. Some of the times when you may want to have the test done even when you don't have symptoms include:

  • Living with someone who's positive

  • Working with someone who's positive

  • Coming into close contact with someone who's positive

  • Working in the medical field

  • Living with someone who is in a high-risk category

  • Recently being in a hotspot area

You feel you may have some symptoms

If you aren't feeling well and you feel like you may be experiencing some of the same symptoms that are known to be COVID-19 symptoms, then it is a good idea for you to be tested. Taking the ThermoGenesis COVID-19 test means you will get your results back right away. 

Once you know if you have it, then you will know how much of a risk you can pose to others, so you can quarantine yourself until you are no longer contagious. It's important for you to self-isolate as soon as you start feeling ill until you can have the test done and get the results back. Otherwise, you can be getting other people sick in the meantime. Anyone you infect can end up then infecting others, and this is how the situation continues to get worse.

To get your test kit, contact a company like CureVoya.


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