Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

3 Major Advantages Of Using Aerial Imagery Acquisition For Remote Land Documentation

by Connie Hanson

If you're purchasing a lot of land in a remote location, then you need a way to survey this land prior to purchasing. That's where aerial imagery acquisition services can help. Utilizing them to study land conditions and points can give rise to these advantages. 

Save Time

Studying and mapping out large areas of land would be virtually impossible to do on foot. It would take you so long to complete, and use up a lot of free time you probably don't have. Well, you don't have to worry about a long and drawn-out process thanks to aerial imagery acquisition services.

That's because planes and innovative high-resolution cameras are used. They give the professional carrying out aerial imagery acquisition services the ability to capture a lot of images quickly because of how much ground their plane can cover in a short period of time. You can thus speed up this entire process and get important data in no time.

Access to Hazard Tree Mapping 

If you plan on putting up structures around this remote area, then you need to know which trees are hazardous. These are trees that are vulnerable to falling and thus potentially exposing you to accidents later on.

Identifying these trees won't be very difficult if you rely on aerial imagery acquisition services. The high-resolution cameras enable the operator to perform hazard tree mapping in an effective and efficient manner. The results will be accurate as well so that you know exactly which trees are safe and which ones need to be removed as quickly as possible. 

Identify Relevant Boundaries

It's important to know where your land ends and starts before purchasing it so that you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. Finding out this information won't be a challenge if you work with a company that can provide aerial imagery acquisition services.

Multi-spectral cameras will provide accurate boundary documentation, even in low light conditions. The boundaries identified through these services will be accurate too so you can rest assured you know what area of land you're purchasing ahead of time. You can then make a more informed decision about this land investment.

When it comes to large land investments in remote areas, it behooves you to take full advantage of aerial imagery acquisition services. They use state of the art equipment, can be completed by professional companies, and let you see accurate information that you need to know prior to investing. 


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