Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Recycled Dog Collars That Are Durable, Attractive, And Have A Unique History

by Connie Hanson

A collar and a leash will be two of the most important items that you purchase for your new puppy. Your pet will require daily exercise and trips outdoors to use the bathroom, and a recycled dog dollar that is constructed from a fire hose will be durable, attractive, and a portion of the proceeds that you pay for the item may be donated to a worthy cause.

Fire Hose Collars Look Like Standard Collars

You may think that there is no way that a fire hose dog collar is going to resemble a standard collar, but this is not true. The main trunk of a hose is cut into many pieces and the rubber is washed and sterilized before being repurposed. Suppliers also sell leashes and a variety of dog toys that have been manufactured from hoses. These products are waterproof and are symbolic in that the materials were once used during a fireman's active duty. Double- and single-jacket hoses are used to create products.

Just think, you could be purchasing an item for your pet that was once used to save lives or salvage a building where people reside. When ordering products, look for a story that corresponds to the items that you have selected. You may be presented with an overview of what a particular hose was used for prior to being repurposed.

This may include the name of the fire department, the location of the establishment, and the main duty that was conducted with the assistance of the hose. You can feel good knowing that your purchase is allowing a valuable item to continue serving a purpose. In addition, many suppliers actively donate to local communities.

A Collar Can Be Worn Throughout Adulthood

Choose a collar width and length that is suitable for your pet. Take into consideration that your puppy will grow considerably in their first year. Although collars are adjustable and contain metal brackets and loops that will make it possible for you to adjust them to fit your puppy, you may want to purchase a collar that is several inches longer than the circumference of your pet's neck so that your puppy can continue to comfortably wear the collar throughout their adulthood.

Rubber won't restrict blood flow to your pet's neck and a collar can be worn daily. Use warm, soapy water and a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe off the collar when it becomes soiled. If you are satisfied with your recycled dog collar, look into some other recycled products from which your pet can benefit.


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