Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Tips For Choosing Gender-Neutral Travel Trays For Your Kids

by Connie Hanson

If you're making a conscious effort to raise your children in a gender-neutral manner, it's important to be cautious about the products that you buy them. It may take a little more thought, but choosing to buy gender-neutral products for both around the home and when you travel can make you feel as though you're raising your children in a healthy environment. Children's travel trays are ideal accessories to have for long car trips, and can help to keep your children occupied while they sit in their car seats. Here are some tips that you should employ to ensure that you choose gender-neutral travel trays.

Choose The Right Colors

If you're concerned about buying gender-neutral children's travel trays, you probably want to start with selecting colors that you feel are appropriate for your children. Traditionally, blue and pink are colors that people frequently associated with boys and girls. If you strive to keep blue and pink items away from your kids, you'll want to steer clear of children's travel trays in these hues. Fortunately, travel tray manufacturers produce products in a variety of other colors, including those that you'll likely view as gender-neutral. Red, white, black, green, yellow, and other similar colors can thus all be suitable to buy.

Choose Appropriate Images

You'll find that some children's travel trays have images on them to make them more appealing to kids. Simple images on the tray surface have the ability to entertain a child even when he or she isn't doing anything else with the tray. To make gender-neutral purchases, you should stay away from images that are traditionally linked with boys and girls. For example, you won't want to buy one that features dolls or princesses on it, nor one with dirt bikes and monster trucks. There are many other travel trays with images that will suit your search criteria.

Choose The Right Accessories

No travel tray for children is complete without certain accessories that the kids can use while riding in your vehicle. Once you've made a conscious decision to buy gender-neutral trays, make sure that you keep this mindset for the accessories that you buy for your family trip. This means that you don't want to buy gender-specific products such as dolls and action figures. Instead, things such as animal toys, puzzles, and crafts can all go a long way toward maintaining your gender-neutral mindset for your children.

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