Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Google App Maker Training: It Is Not For The Tech Newbie

by Connie Hanson

Making a Google app sounds like fun, right? Well, it is, IF you know more about Google and its current applications than an Apple consumer knows about his/her phone. Despite the fact that the company offers Google app maker training, your "fun" venture into the world of app making is definitely NOT for the tech newbie. Here is why.

The Cloud-Based Drag and Drop

The what now? Most people who hear Cloud and Cloud-based automatically glaze over. It is just one of those virtual things that you have to wrap your head around, like The Matrix. When Google said it would go high-tech, the company meant it.

You build an app in the Cloud, using data from G Suite applications, your contacts, Google Maps, and even your groups. If you do not know what half of these things are, you are going to be quite lost in the first several hours of training. (It is okay; most people only use gmail and docs.)

Template Mix and Match

The most basic aspects of the app you will eventually create come from a vast array of template mix and match. There is just one catch. If the company does not have it in their collection, you have to figure out how to import the design features you want. That is bordering on professional app design, something which people with next to no IT experience would be expected to do.

That is not to say you could not learn it, but importing design details will delay the completion of your app while you learn another set of skills. Otherwise, the available design templates are sufficient enough to plug in now so that you can finish the training course on time. If you want to tweak the design, you can do that after the app has launched.

Tech Support

Yes, there is more than enough tech support in the app-making training program. That is a plus. Unfortunately, you will probably be talking to brilliant, young app designers fresh from college who know Google's programs and apps forwards and backwards and who talk like computer geniuses. Be sure to explain to them that you need them to talk to you in plain English sans computer jargon. They can adjust their level of instruction to meet your level of understanding and your level of success within the training program, but only if you are making that request.


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