Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

The Scent Of A Painted Wall: Career Opportunities For Liquid Color-Minded People

by Connie Hanson

Most people do not like the smell of paint. You are not one of those people. In fact, you not only love the scent of paint, you love to paint. You love getting drips of color all over you like some walking Jackson Pollack painting. If this sounds like your thing, here are a few career options that are right up your ferrule.

Painting Business Franchise Opportunities

There are painting businesses that are nationally recognized. These businesses have either always been franchised, or have recently decided to become franchises. You could paint and own a painting business, which means a big chunk of profits goes into your pockets while you do what you love. As the owner, you can even help consumers select colors and wall finishes, something you also love doing. Buy into a painting franchise for less than fifty grand, most costing much less than that.

Branch out on Your Own

Do you know how easy it is to own a painting business? It is the biggest reason why the owners of painting franchises opted for this particular franchise. The only differences between a franchise and branching out on your own are that your business carries your company name, and that you buy all of your own business supplies. You might need a little extra startup money, but the business is all yours. 

Own and Operate a Painting Supply Store

Imagine-- owning and operating a painting supply store. Gallons and gallons of paint, wall-to-wall brushes and rollers, and tons of supplies that transform the barest of walls into exciting hues of "tangerine dream" and "ocean sky." You can see it, right? If you can envision it, you can do it. Plus, along the way, you can offer consumers painting tips and advice, and/or painting instruction classes in the store. The store gives you the golden opportunity to pass your love of all things paint onto your customers. Undoubtedly, you will make plenty of money too.

Work for a Boss

Of course, if you do not like the idea of operating the business end of everything, you could always work for a boss. Work for a boss that owns a franchise, or work for a boss that owns his/her own painting business. Either way, you are painting and getting paid for it. Do it full-time, or do it part-time if you just want to be near paint once in a while. 

Contact a  franchise company, like Color World House Painting Inc, for more help.


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Understanding Business Issues

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