Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

After-Hours Security Options For Your Hotel

by Connie Hanson

Controlling who has access to your hotel during the day can be difficult, particularly with lots of people checking in, attending conferences, or visiting your hotel's restaurant. However, there are controls you can put in place at night to help ensure the safety of your business and your guests. Here are a few hotel security options to consider for after-hours safety:

Key Card Access Doors

If your hotel uses key cards for entrance into guest rooms, you can use these same key cards to restrict access to secondary entrances in the building. Choose a certain time of night to begin restricting access, and leave only the main entrance available to the public. With your access control system, you can keep the other doors locked unless a guest uses a card to gain entry. This reduces the risks of unauthorized people entering your hotel, and it makes the job of your security team a little bit easier.

Security Camera Observation

Security cameras can provide a deterrent for crime, but they can also provide your security staff with a convenient way to stop potential problems as they are happening. Assign security staff to sit in your camera room and observe the surveillance cameras. They should be looking for any suspicious activity, such as large groups of people heading into the same hotel room at night. The security team can use radios to communicate with each other so one person can remain in the camera room while the rest of the staff intervenes when trouble is spotted.

Front Door Security

Consider hiring security guards to staff the front doors at night. This provides a bit of added protection and peace of mind for your front desk staff, and it can also help to deter would-be criminals. The security guards should stand near the entrance, so they are visible to people passing by. Be sure to have enough other staff, such as bellhops, so the security guards can focus on observing activity and not with helping guests get out of their cars or into the hotel. Depending on where your hotel is located, you may want to consider armed security for the front doors. Be sure to check with the local authorities to make sure this is allowed, and talk to your hotel's insurance company to weigh the potential liability issues associated with having armed security on your property before you make a decision.

Your hotel security team can be an essential part of keeping your hotel running smoothly, particularly after hours. Use these ideas as you plan your late-night security plan, and take steps to keep your guests and staff safe at night.

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