Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Two Reasons Why You Should Always Verify Applicants' Credentials

by Connie Hanson

Most companies perform background checks on potential employees, but a surprising few actually check those people's credentials. According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, approximately 58 percent of managers have caught applicants or employees lying on their resumes. It's not enough to rely on gut instinct or clever questioning to catch resume fraud. Here are two reasons you should invest in a service that actually checks applicants' credentials.

Avoid Wasting Your Time

If for no other reason, using an employee validation service will save you time and money. On the surface, resume fraud may not seem like a big deal; after all, many people embellish their applications a little bit to make themselves look good. But consider that it costs an average of $9,444 just to train a minimum wage employee, and the price only rises the higher up the wage and responsibility ladder you go. Having to fire an employee for falsifying their resume after spending all that time and money training them is a waste of company assets.

So spending a couple of hundred dollars per year on a service that verifies a person's credentials could potentially save you thousands in lost money and productivity. Additionally, you can feel more confident the employee actually has the knowledge and experience needed to do the job he or she was hired for, which can save you quite a few restless nights.

Prevent Legal Headaches

Another reason why you want to check the credentials of potential employees is to avoid incurring legal problems due to the person's lies. Some positions require special licensing, education, and training, for example. If the employee produces false documents claiming he or she obtained the required items, you could face lawsuits filed by clients and/or government agencies if it comes to light the person doesn't actually have those credentials.

Alternatively, a person who doesn't actually have the right credentials for the job may make mistakes that could cost you clients, damage your company's reputation, and lead to monetary losses.

You can significantly reduce your risk of facing these types of legal crises by ensuring all current and future employees have legitimate credentials. Not only does this help you avoid accidentally breaking the laws and rules that regulate your industry, you'll also protect your company's reputation in the public sphere.

For more information about resume fraud or the services available to help you combat it, contact an employee validation company for assistance.


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