Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Long-Distance Moving Tips: Four Things To Do Before Moving Day

by Connie Hanson

Moving to a new city can be the start of a great adventure, but the move itself can be complicated. Planning in advance can help you to have a smooth transition to your new home in a new city. Here are a few things you can do to plan for your move:

Map Out Your New Home

If you don't already have a floor plan for your new home, ask the home seller or landlord for one. The floor plan should have the measurements for each room, which can help you to decide which furniture will fit and which furniture you may need to sell or donate. Make copies of the floor plan and mark where each large item will go. You can place the copies in a plastic bag taped to the back of each piece of furniture for easy reference on moving day, so you can quickly arrange the items in each room of your home.

Have A Flexible Timeline

When it comes to long-distance moving, there are a number of factors that might delay the arrival of your items. Your movers may run into bad weather, traffic, or other situations that can impede their progress. Having a flexible timeline will help you to prepare for delays. Pack a suitcase that stays with you throughout the move, and make sure that it has enough clothing and personal items to last a few days beyond the agreed upon arrival date of the moving truck.

Plan For The Weather

The weather in the area you are moving to may be significantly different than what you are used to. Chicago winters are cold, while Miami winters are warm, and Seattle sees lots of rain while places like Phoenix might not. Do some research to see what the weather will be like around the time that you plan to move. This can help you to determine which clothes to box for storage and which items you'll need to unpack right away. Knowing the weather will also help you to plan your travels to your new home, whether you are flying or driving.

Have A Backup Plan For Lodgings

You may find that your new home isn't quite ready for you when you arrive in your new city. This could be due to last-minute repairs performed by the landlord or a snag in the closing process for a new house. Because you will be in a new city, you might not have the luxury of staying with family or friends until your home is ready. Having a backup plan, such as a hotel room reserved, will help to ensure you have a cozy place to sleep as you get ready to move into your new home.

Be sure to talk to your long-distance moving company about any questions or concerns you might have, and take some time to plan out your move so you are prepared for whatever might come your way. Contact a company like Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc. for more information and assistance. 


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