Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Switching To An Online Medical Transcription Service Can Reduce Your Staffing Requirements And Prevent Transcription Errors

by Connie Hanson

It has become common for providers to streamline their practice with online medical transcription services; these services offer a quicker turnaround time than in-house transcription and provide multiple levels of quality assistance to reduce errors in the final transcript. Unlike automated transcription software, they don't impede a physician's workflow by requiring him or her to manually check and correct transcriptions. Using a medical transcription service that interfaces with your patient management software and electronic health record systems makes it easier to meet documentation standards to comply with insurer billing requirements, since the transcripts will be automatically added to the patient record. This can reduce staffing requirements and your expenses, making medical transcription services a worth consideration for the future of your practice.

Easy To Implement For Physicians And Administrative Staff

A medical transcription service keeps the workflow of your practice simple. Automated transcription software has the side effect of changing how clinicians operate; since automated software needs to be checked for accuracy and corrected if it transcribes the wrong information, it requires clinicians to spend extra time reviewing the transcript during or shortly after patient visits. With an online transcription service, the doctor needs only to record audio meant for transcription during visits and procedures. This recording is then sent to the medical transcription company and transcribed by trained professionals. Companies accept data in a variety of ways; the most common way is for the physician to use a small digital recording device to record the audio in a digital format which can later be securely uploaded to the transcription company's server. Some transcription companies even allow for smartphone recording to stream the audio directly to their servers for a quick turnaround on transcription.

Quality Assistance Means Less Errors Than In-House Transcription Or Automated Transcription

Medical transcriptionists are trained in correctly identifying and transcribing complex medical terminology, which reduces the rate of errors you will see in your transcriptions. In addition to this, many transcription companies offer an extra layer of protection; medical transcriptions will be reviewed by a quality assurance professional in order to correct typographical errors and fix incorrect transcriptions. After the transcript is finalized, it will be sent to the physician for a final review and signature.

Patient Billing Process Is Streamlined And Simplified

Many online medical transcription companies offer the ability to interface their software with any electronic health record systems that you may be using; transcripts can be automatically added to a patient's medical file once they are approved by the physician. This makes it easier for your practice to meet insurer billing requirements, which often require medical transcripts for expensive claims. The transcripts will already be part of the patient's medical file and your staff won't have to scan printed versions and add them to the medical file manually.


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