Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Pressure Washing A Wood Deck: What You Need To Know

by Connie Hanson

Pressure washing your wood deck is a great way to clean and refresh the wood before you take on a staining or painting project. A pressure washer can even be used to remove existing stain or paint and prepare your deck for a new coat. Before you begin using a pressure washer on your wood deck, however, there are some things you need to know to prevent damage and ensure a thorough job, such as:

Start on a Low-Pressure Setting

Wood is naturally porous and depending on the type of wood from which your deck is constructed, you could end up with damage to your deck if you use a pressure washer on too high of a setting. The goal is to have the pressure just high enough to remove stubborn dirt and debris, but not to gouge out the wood. Always start your pressure washing on the lowest possible setting and work your way up, if needed.

Opt for a Fan Tip

There are a number of different tips that you can attach to your pressure washer, though a fan tip tends to be the best option for pressure washing a deck. Specifically, a fan tip has a bit of an angle to it that will allow for a thorough cleaning that works on a larger surface area at once.

Work a Few Feet Away From the Deck

Again, to avoid damaging the wood, it's important to carefully control the amount of pressure hitting the deck itself. The best way to do this is to hold the nozzle itself at least a few feet away from the deck when the washer is on. Holding it too close could result in gouging or scratching the wood in noticeable ways.

Spot-Sand Where Needed

With the right amount of care, you should be able to pressure wash your deck without much (if any) damage to the wood. However, it is likely that you'll have a little bit of splintering, especially around handrails. The good news is that this can be easily fixed with some light spot-sanding, which you can do after your pressure washing project and once the wood dries.

Pressure washing is a project that you can do yourself to save money on your next deck painting or staining project. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind as you get started so as to avoid expensive damage to your deck. Check out a website like http://www.benscleaner.com for more information and assistance. 


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