Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Unique Recognition Ideas To Share With Your Staff

by Connie Hanson

Recognizing a job well done can go a long way toward motivating your employees, and recognition awards offer you a convenient and fu way to do just that. If you are looking for more ways to recognize your staff, here are a few ideas to consider.

Wall Of Fame

Create a wall of fame with certificates or plaques earned by each employee. You can give these awards out monthly or quarterly, and you can even have a range of categories to recognize your staff in. Frame any certificates you hand out, or simply hang the plaques on your wall of fame. Be sure to create two of each award so your staff members can bring one home and have one permanently posted on the wall. Whenever new awards are added to the wall, gather the entire staff to have an unveiling ceremony.

Wheel Of Prizes

Choose a number of awards to give out every month, and create a prize wheel that features a variety of prize options. Create certificates for each winner, and invite the entire staff to a prize party each month or quarter. Serve refreshments, and name the winners in a small ceremony. As each winner receives his or her certificate, allow each one to take a turn at the prize wheel. Some prizes you might include, fruit or chocolate baskets, gift certificates to local restaurants, or travel mugs with your company's name and logo printed on them. With a little work, this can be an event that everyone looks forward to and works hard to be a part of.

Surprise Deliveries

Not every recognition program has to be scheduled. In fact, surprising staff members with an award when you see them doing something above and beyond can be a unique motivator. Consider having flowers, gift baskets, or edible fruit arrangements sent to the desk of staff members you see doing a great job, and simply include a note thanking them for a job well done. Other members of your staff are sure to take notice when they see the deliveries, and they may even try to work a bit harder so they can receive one as well.

Work with your human resources department to create lists of worthy employees, and consider these ideas as options for rewarding their great work. By showing that you notice the effort your staff puts in, they can feel more appreciated in the workplace each day. For more information, contact companies like Trophy Awards.


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