Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Air Compressor Tank Sizes And What You Can Accomplish With Each

by Connie Hanson

Most people who have never used an air compressor before assume that air compressors are a "one-size-fits-all" type of machine. However, this isn't true. There are multiple tank sizes, and each tank size accomplishes its own set of tasks.

Small, Portable 1-5 Gallon Tanks

Air compressors that are portable and have small sized tanks are often used for airbrush artwork, body painting, and powering hand/shop tools that rely on compressed air as the driving force. Most of these compressors have air tanks that are between one and five gallons of compressed air. Their small size makes it very easy to move the tanks about and to carry them around inside a vehicle as well.

You may not see tanks rated in size of compressed air held. Instead, you may see them as PSI or CFM, with a number following or preceding these acronyms. The smaller the number, the smaller the tank and the less compressed the air within. However, this really should not be a reflection of performance. Most air compressors, especially larger ones, are able to pull air from the environment and compress it within the tank, creating more compressed air on an as-needed basis.

Medium, 10-50 Gallon Tanks

These tanks are often used in construction. They allow several pneumatic hoses to be connected to the tank at the same time so that multiple tools can use the compressed air simultaneously. They may also be used for smaller jobs in an industrial setting, but that depends on what they are needed for.

Large, 60-360 Gallon Tanks

These massive air compressor tanks are for industrial and manufacturing purposes only. You could find one or two from online air compressor rental places, but you would have a difficult time trying to put the tank somewhere on private property. Since they are often bolted to the floor or secured in some manner to prevent rocking and rolling over, they are definitely not ideal for smaller jobs or one-off jobs either.

Extra-Large Industrial Size Tanks

These tanks are absolutely massive. Unfortunately, because of their size, it takes them a long time to charge up, and then only a certain amount of pressurized air can be used before the tanks have to be recharged. This is why most manufacturers and industrial plants revert to medium or large tanks to fuel their air compressors and provided compressed air for production tasks.

You usually cannot rent this size of air tank or compressor either, since they would require a freight truck to ship. That would be quite the expense indeed. Even the largest pull-behind compressor is less than 2,000 CFM, and that is the size of the back end of a box truck. It does not begin to compare to the industrial size tanks.

Applications of Compressors by Tank Size

You have to think about air compressors and their tanks in visualizations and in relation to each other. Small tanks do odd jobs or artistic and creative jobs. Medium tanks are wood shop tanks, car repair tanks, technology instruction tanks, and laboratory tanks. Large tanks can move viscous liquids through pipes by injecting pressurized air along the pipe lines and inflating items that have to be checked for holes. The industrial tanks can drive large bolts the size of your head through materials that only Superman can bend.

Rent the air compressors that have exactly the amount of power you need, along with the amount of air you will need. Price goes up for larger compressors and larger air tanks. Keep costs low by renting only the air compressors that have just enough power and air to accomplish your tasks.

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