Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Are You Ordering Fabric In Bulk? The Benefits Of Obtaining Fabric Swatch Cards Before Placing A Large Order

by Connie Hanson

If you design your own line of clothing, you may order a large amount of fabric in bulk. Ordering in bulk helps you to get the best possible price for the fabric you need. Thanks to the Internet, more people than ever are ordering the fabric they need online. However, before you place a large order for fabric, you should obtain fabric swatch cards. Here are three of the benefits to obtaining fabric swatch cards before you place a large fabric order online. 

Allows You to Determine the Quality Of the Fabric

Not all fabric is the same. Fabric can be made from a variety of different materials and have a different look and feel to it. And even various types of fabric made from the same material can have a different look and feel to it based on the quality, thickness and thread count of the material. When you look at fabric swatch cards, you are able to get a better feel for the quality of the material you are ordering. The last thing you want is to order material that may be thin or see through for clothing. Swatch cards help you avoid this. 

Lets You See the Color or Pattern in Person

Another benefit to getting fabric swatch cards before you place a large order for fabric is that the swatch cards allow you to see the color or pattern of the fabric in person. A photo may not represent the true color of the fabric or the colors contained in a pattern. Th amount of light and the quality of the camera can affect the color that is displayed. Some colors sell better than other colors, so being able to see the true color of the fabric allows you to determine whether it is a color you want to work with or not. 

Helps You Match Patterns and Colors

The last benefit to looking at fabric swatch cards before placing a large order for fabric is that you are able to place the fabrics side-by-side and match patterns or colors. You can't do this accurately online. If you are looking to make a dress or shirt with different materials, you may be disappointed if the colors don't match when the fabric comes in. Comparing the swatches and placing them side-by-side allows you to properly match and coordinate colors and patterns for your clothing line. 

One of the biggest downsides to ordering fabric online is that pictures don't always show the quality of the fabric or the exact color or pattern of fabrics. Ordering fabric swatch cards allows you to feel and see the fabric before you place a large order for your clothing line. 


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