Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends- And Some Senior Assistance Services

by Connie Hanson

Small hurdles and obstacles can impact a person's overall well-being and happiness, and many seniors may try to go it alone. Don't let minor challenges interfere with your loved one's health and happiness; consider and discuss the possibility of senior assistance services to provide some support that can enhance and improve the senior's situation significantly.

Some signs that your senior needs some help are:

  • Forgetfulness, confusion, or memory issues.
  • Disheveled appearance or poor hygiene.
  • Missed appointments.
  • Overdrafts, overdue bills, or money management issues.
  • Mood swings or depression.
  • Cluttered, dirty, disorganized home or yard.
  • Loss of interest in activities.
  • Weight loss or a lack of food and provisions in the home.
  • Fender-benders or damage to the car.

Depending on the severity of the signs, seniors who exhibit these issues may benefit from senior assistance services. Just because a senior may demonstrate some of these behaviors, it doesn't mean that they are unable to live independently or that they require assisted-living.  Sometimes, just a bit of help with day-to-day activities and errands can significantly improve a senior's quality of life.

Some ways that a senior assistance service can help include:

Errands. Help with something as simple as running errands can instill a new sense of independence in seniors that are unable or concerned about driving. Ask senior service groups about errand running services.

Prescriptions. One reason why many seniors stop taking medications is that they experience difficulties with getting to and from the pharmacy. Ask about prescription services and have needed-medications dropped-off at your door.

Transportation. Make sure that seniors get to their doctor's appointments or social activities with senior transportation services. This further ensures that the senior engages with others and gets out of the house periodically.

Food and groceries. If the fridge looks lean, line-up grocery shopping services and food drop-off services for the senior. These professionals may even organize and stock the kitchen, getting rid of spoiled foods promptly.

Packages and postage. Have a senior assistance service pick up and drop off packages and mail for you. This may help with getting bills paid on-time, too. 

Dry-cleaning and laundry. Some seniors may not have ready-access to laundry or dry-cleaning facilities. Arrange pick-up and drop-off services to keep clothing, linens, and bedding clean.

Talk to your doctor when experiencing any signs or issues that could impede autonomy or independent-living. Reach out for professional senior assistance services for that little bit of extra help with day-to-day activities that can improve the overall quality of life. Contact a company like Sanity Saving Errand Tacklers to learn more. 


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