Understanding Business Issues

Understanding Business Issues

Three Types Of Boom Lifts You Can Rent And What You Can Accomplish With Each

by Connie Hanson

Boom lifts are ideal when you do not have a crane and do not want to buy a crane either. They can reach heights a forklift cannot, and their base platform is not much bigger than that of a scissors lift. What is more, you can rent boom lifts and not have to "rent" an operator for them. Additionally, boom lift rentals come in three types.

Engine-Driven Articulating Z-Booms

When you need a boom lift for construction purposes, you can rent one of these. They are drivable, and the articulating Z-arm is able to get into the most awkward of spaces so that you can work freely and easily. Even when you only have a space of three feet, and that three feet is pressed up to a wall behind new construction, the articulating Z-boom lift can still get you into this tight space.

Articulating Booms for Noise-Sensitive Work

When you need the least amount of vibration and the utmost quiet, this particular type of boom lift is perfect. Its almost noiseless engine and low vibration platform makes sure that the delicate work you need to do will not be hampered in any way. The boom arm works just like the boom arm in engine-driven articulating boom lifts, except that the arm can stretch a little further and a little higher. These are most often used for electrical, energy, and bio-energy uses to prevent accidents and fatalities and reduce the possibility of an improperly completed job order.

Telescopic Booms

Go higher and higher with a telescopic boom. These boom lifts lift you straight up, with no articulation. The lift does pivot three-hundred sixty degrees, and the boom arm can raise and lower in whatever position you have it, but the boom arm will never bend or reach over anything. Working height (the height at which the arm will reach at its highest point) of some of these boom lifts can reach as high as almost two hundred feet.

Telescopic booms are often the most favorite boom for anyone to work with. Hence, they are also the ones most commonly out of stock at rental locations. If you think you would like or need a telescopic boom lift for whatever project you are working on, be sure to reserve one well in advance at the nearest rental location. Otherwise, you may have to be content with one of the other two types of boom lifts. Visit a site like http://www.laxequipmentrental.com for more help.


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